KCEC has been actively involved in developing a strategic approach to the Workforce Development needs in the communities of the Northwest Region.  The following illustrates the activity of KCEC. 

  • Chair of the Plastic Apprenticeship Program
  • Facilitator of the Carpenters Union Apprenticeship Associates Degree Program
  • Facilitating the Northwest PA Oil and Gas HUB Taskforce.
  • Maintenance of the www.nwpaoilandgashub.com website.
  • Collaboration with the TEAM Consortium
  • Participant in the Northwest Commission Oil and Gas Steering Committee.
  • The Educational Representative for the Local Management Committee.
  • Board of the Oil Regional Alliance.
  • Facilitating the Next Gen Industry Partnership for Plastics.
  • Facilitator of the Plastic Process Technician Apprenticeship Program
  • Adult Education Advisory Group for the Venango CTC.
  • Desk to Derrick Association (promotes education and professional development with the petroleum, energy and allied industries)
  • Collaboration with the Oh-Penn Apprenticeship Program.
  • Participant in the Northwest Commission’s PREP Program.
  • Participant in the Manufacturers Association EMRP Initiative.
  • Coordinator of the Pre Apprenticeship program connected to the CTC’s
  • Clarion University Applied Technology Advisory Group

For questions contact Keystone Community Education Council at:

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