2019Welding Technology Graduation (1)

Back row: Samuel Wright, Lukas Slosser, Connor Rankin, Danial Ruhman, Gabriel Kappeler, Dominic Miller, Eric Crocket, Bradley Elsager. Front row: Jordan Sloan, Jeremy Winslow, Chelsea Gearhart (and daughter), Wyatt Phipps, Travis Crate & Joseph Crate Instructors)

A class of 13 students received certificates in the evening Welding Technology program at the Venango Technology Center on Tuesday, May 7.  The program was coordinated among VTC, the Keystone Community Education Council, and the Community College of Allegheny County.

The classes ran from 3-7:30 p.m. for four evenings per week.  Students were able to earn different welding certifications, as well as garner 18 college credits from CCAC in the process.

“This is a unique opportunity for students in our area, because they can get these college credits for a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere,” said Lance Hummer, the executive director of KCEC.  Because of various grants, most students were able to have all program costs paid for.

The evening Welding Technology program has been offered since 2009, and Travis Crate, a welding instructor at the VTC, has been the lead instructor the entire time.  “All of the students in this year’s program had excellence attendance, and they all worked very hard,” Crate said.

Among the 13 graduates, there were 57 welding credentials earned, with nine students earning multiple credentials.  All students also received OSHA 10 certification, as well as training in running a forklift.

Dr. Tammy Delaney, from Clarion University, provided the food and beverages for the event.  She also let graduates know about the Associate of Applied Science degree in applied technology at Clarion.  “Your 18 credits from CCAC will be applied to your degree if you choose to pursue this program at Clarion,” Delaney said.

Students will receive their official certificates from CCAC in June.  Students who are interested in registering for this class for next year, or for those who want to find out more about the workforce-development programs KCEC offers, should call its office at (814) 677-4427.