Plastics Process Technician Apprenticeship Program

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Apprenticeship Program for Plastic Process Technicians


  • Funding available for nearly
 two-thirds of the program cost.
  • Employees chosen for training feel valued, building loyalty to your company.
  • Develops the next generation of leaders within your company.
  • Apprentices can earn PA-
State registered, industry-specific certifications and are eligible to earn credits towards 
an associates degree of Applied Science in Industrial Technology at Clarion University.
  • Apprenticeships narrow
 the skills gap and help
 retain institutional knowledge 
in preparation for a retiring workforce.

Training Location:
AIM Institute
6100 West Ridge Road Erie, PA
*course location subject to change

If you are interested in participating in this apprenticeship program, please contact Lance Hummer, Executive Director at the Keystone Community Education Council, by emailing or calling 814.677.4427.

Lance J Hummer
Executive Director
Keystone Community Education Council


Course Training Hours and On-the-Job Hours

Health & Safety
Team building OSHA 40   –   500
Plastics Materials 32   –   500
Mold Design 32   –   500
Maintenance 40   –   500
Mold-Start-Up & Trouble shooting Essentials 46   –   500
Quality Systems* 40   –   500
Mechanics Of Molding & Process Development 89   –   500
Additional Required OJT 500
Total in-class training hours 319
Total on-the-job hours 4000

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