Plastics Process Technician Apprenticeship Program

ACT NOW to take advantage of this opportunity!

NEW Apprenticeship
Program for Plastic Process Technicians

Enrolling NOW,
Funding Available!


  • Funding available for nearly
two-thirds of the program cost.
  • Employees chosen for training feel valued, building loyalty to your company.
  • Develops the next generation of leaders within your company.
  • Apprentices can earn PA-
State registered, industry-specific certifications and are eligible to earn credits towards 
an associates degree of Applied Science in Industrial Technology at Clarion University.
  • Apprenticeships narrow
 the skills gap and help
retain institutional knowledge
in preparation for a retiring workforce.

If you are interested in participating in this apprenticeship program, please contact Lance Hummer, Executive Director at the Keystone Community Education Council, by emailing [email protected] or calling 814.677.4427.

Lance J Hummer
Executive Director
Keystone Community Education Council
[email protected]

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